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future continuous reading comprehension

Imagine you are a very famous person in your country. Subject + verb TO BE+ not + verb –ing + complement + time expression. An arrangement is also an agreement between two people or groups about how something happens or will happen. Generate double puzzles your students will love - hours of fun! Present continuous-English - … This worksheet is all about problem solving and critical thinking suitable for adults and teens. ADVANCED READING COMPREHENSION PASSAGES WITH TEXT - ADVANCED . Garnet Education. With stimulating pictures and questions the conversation diverts into various ... Quite useful for explanation with a projector in the classroom, not only at the beginning of a lesson, but also to revise. ! Well, you will have to identify which statements express the use of the simple present for future plans and which ones are happening now. Addison YC. Niagara Falls [photo]. Pre-intermediate with answers. You might as well be teaching a lesson on the Future Progressive! (2006). Luggage for Vacation - Bags [photo]. According to the text decide if the following statements are true or false by choosing the appropriate option. Sign up for the BusyTeacher Weekly and be the first to get direct links to our latest teaching articles, worksheets and lesson plans. It expects students to write sentences by using these tenses. • Harrison, M. (1995). English rules and practice. Al navegar en este sitio, encontrará contenidos diseñados por académicos de la UNAM, denominados Recursos Educativos Abiertos (REA), disponibles para todo el público en forma gratuita. Choose the most appropriate option for each statement. Click on each character name to display the content: Subject + verb TO BE + verb –ing + complement + time expression. Don't call at 9 o'clock as we'll be having dinner. In addition, some common expressions are used to refer to when the action will take place and indicates that it will be in the near future. Do u remember. Kang_hojun. Next step is writing a composition. Dec 26, 2017 - This is a reading comprehension about life in the future. This is a Future Progressive song worksheet, Irregular Verb Resources: 21 Fantastic Exercises, Grammar Test: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Present Simple, Present Continuous, 7 Great Activities to Teach the Future Progressive: Poster, Future Continous, Future Perfect and Perfect Continous Tenses, By the Time I´m (Future Perfect/ Continuous & Infinitive), Movie Worksheet: TED: and Now, the Real News. It has some pictures where a student can describe and write sentences. She is watching her favorite TV series. In the first exercise, students have to fill in the gaps with the will or the be going to forms + the verbs in bold. Retrieved on 2017, June 22 from https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/grammar-practice/present-continuous-future-arrangements. I’m having a party tonight. It also explains the difference between the future continuous and the present continuous. Instantly create custom word/sentence scrambles for your class! For example a painter, an artist, an actor, a film maker, a musician, among others. Question word (wh... questions) + verb TO BE + subject + verb –ing + time expression ? The present continuous can express fixed social arrangements, as you saw in the content. Communicative-Grammar Focus. At the end of this topic you will: Use the present continuous in its affirmative, negative and interrogative forms, implementing future time to express planned or previously established events. Plane [photo]. The Present Continuous is used to talk about future arrangements. Jamie and his family are flying to Toronto next week. Do you remember Joshua and Jamie? (2017). See last week's issue. I hope you find it useful! Tell us about it and become a BusyTeacher contributor! Oxford University Press • Macfarlane, M. (2009). No, they aren't. In this future perfect continuous worksheet, students review the two uses of the future perfect continuous tense. Greta Thunberg's Speech Post-Listening Task. De la Garza, C. (2006). (1999). I hope these exercises will be useful for your ss. Now, use the itinerary to write sentences in the Present continuous. You can begin your composition like this: This coming summer I am beginning my ‘Ideal Vacation’…. Consider the following aspects in your recording: Compare your file with the audio provided. I will start dinner before nine and finish dinner after nine. Give each student a copy of the two-page worksheet. Retrieved on 2017, June 07 from http://bit.ly/2r6Aqjg. Note: It is important to include the verb TO BE after the subject and before the main verb. You will have to use the present continuous to narrate your plans or activities that you will have tomorrow, remember that as you are famous you will have many things to do. A simple phrase of "writing emails" has been used in each tense. The future continuous tense is used to talk about what will be happening at a certain point in the future, for example At 9 PM, I will be studying English. The main verb always ends in –ing. Retrieved on 2017, June 06 from http://bit.ly/2sHy8V8. Diary [photo]. Teachers in the classroom and at home are sure to find our materials very useful. Wax-On [photo]. Future Simple vs Future Continuous Worksheet, Talking About the Future: Simple, 'Going to' and Continuous. Learn from professional teachers and put a bit of your own creativity into it! I'm seeing a film. Cinema [photo]. Pearson Longman. It can be used as a game in class. Let’s review the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. Well, he is planning to go on vacation and he has two incredible options. She is not doing her homework after dinner. It can be used eit ... A short speaking or writing exercise that can be introduced as either a solo or partnered exercise. • Present continuous - future arrangements. You will know your score at the end of the exercise. This worksheet was designed for the TED talk by Kirk Citron "And Now, The Real News." In British Council. Trip to New York City and other arrangements. In this activity you will be able to identify how this time is used through the monologue of Peter. Worksheet examining future forms (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future Simple, be going to, Future Continuous, Future Perfect Simple) except for Future Perfect Continuous. (2017). 02. program. They are fun, colorful, educational, and provide factual information about interesting subjects. You have made all your plans and you have your itinerary. Actions and events in progress or incomplete at a specific time in the future The future continuous can refer to actions that will be in progress at some specific time in the future - actions that have already started but have not yet be finished. You will see your score at the end of the exercise. This worksheet is to help students to identify the future perfect tenses and how they are used. QUESTIONS: Verb TO BE + subject + verb –ing + complement + time expression ? You can do this with two or present simple vs present continuous. Los contenidos de cada REA son responsabilidad exclusiva de sus autores y no tienen impedimento en materia de propiedad intelectual; asimismo, no contienen información que por su naturaleza pueda considerarse confidencial y reservada. Day 1 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Day 2 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Day 3 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Day 4 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Day 5 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Day 6 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Day 7 Affirmative: Negative: Interrogative: Surely you built sentences taking into account the structures you reviewed in the content: AFFIRMATIVE: Subject + verb TO BE + verb –ing + complement + time expression, NEGATIVE: Subject + verb TO BE+ not + verb –ing + complement + time expression. (n.d.). Home. The guys who are talking about Jamie’s plans and do you remember what is the question that Joshua is asking to Jamie is? It is a worksheet of two exercises about the future tense. This worksheet does not have solution because it's too easy so that students can understand easily what future tenses can be used. Understanding and Using English Grammar. The Present Continuous is used to talk about future arrangements. You can know your score at the end of the exercise. Here's a short dialogue which includes many examples of future simple, going to and present continuous.It's designed to present the three tenses in a meaningful context to help students grasp the different future tenses. Press the play button to listen the plan of Peter. You will practice your reading skills in order to get the most important information from the texts to answer some statements for each one. It also takes into account that depending on how the question was constructed it will be the answer. simple past and past continuous. There are several listening exercises and a reading, comprehension, and discussion type activity at the very end. In the first one the appropriate cases of usage should be found. Retrieved on 2017, June 07 from http://bit.ly/2rQv0WR, Steve p2008. In this activity you will have to pretend that you are going to take your ideal vacation next summer. These are the arrangements for a trip to the city of New York that you and your friend George are taking next week. (Some friends have invited me to their party). Imagine you are going to have a vacation and you are planning a trip. Before recording yourself, study the aspects that will be evaluated, they are described in the rubric. Grammar Spectrum 2. ESL driving reading comprehension - A reading activity to help you learn ESL vocabulary about driving. Intermediate Level Pair work or small groups Approximately 20 minutes Dice required Coordinación de Universidad Abierta y Educación a Distancia de la UNAM. In the content you have learnt that the Present Continuous is used to express planned events which will take place in the not-too-distant future and you reviewed the structures of this tense. Go, come, leave, arrive, fly, have, start, go out, visit, meet, stay. The Future is a discussion where students use their imagination to predict what our world will be like in the future. Los REA podrán ser utilizarlos sin fines de lucro, citando invariablemente la fuente y sin alterar la obra, respetando los términos institucionales de uso y los derechos de propiedad intelectual de terceros. (Check your spelling). Yes, + subject + verb TO BE. Sue is starting an English course next summer. After reading the text, complete the sentences with one word over each line. Verb TO BE + subject + verb –ing + complement + time expression ? (2017). You will review the Present Continuous and use it to talk about arrangements by using common expressions in this unit. Three of them have similar task - students have to put a verb into the right form. This is an activity for motivation for the lesson start. You can evaluate your audio with the following rubric. Future Continuous 36 squares, each asking about a different future time (speak for at least 1minute per roll). (She has already registered at a language school where she wants to study English). • Oxeden, C., Latham-koenig, C., and Clandfield, L. (1996). Reading Comprehension Present Continuous - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Include the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms in your speech. This is a simple and clear explanation of the tenses we can use in English to refer to future time. ESL legal reading comprehension - Reading passage with questions that is about the law and legal situations. You should remember to place the verb TO BE and the verb in –ing. Note: As you notice in the examples, there are two different ways of structuring an interrogative sentence in the present continuous tense. Reading Comprehension (Comprensión lectora) 9.1 The Home Exercise 1 9.2 Jobs Exercise 1 9.3 Traveling Exercise 1 9.4 At the Restaurant Exercise 1 9.5 At the Hotel Exercise 1 Nivel avanzado Inglés de negocios Vocabulario para viajar Students have to complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets or write sentences using some given words. Yes, they are. (2009). It includes t ... Future exercises. New English File. Students have to answer some questions. Future Continuous Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Unit test Unit 9. Retrieved on 2017, June 07 from http://bit.ly/2r6Rd5H. Students begin by reading how the future perfect continuous is used to show that something will continue up until a specified time in the future. Hecho en México. Contact Us. (2014). Retrieved on 2017, June 06 from http://bit.ly/2rRpbup. 3. reading texts in future - Learn English 11706) EXERCISES FUTURE SIMPLE FUTURE CONTINUOUS FUTURE PERFECT ... 11909) PRESENT CONTINUOUS READING TEXT 11910) SENTENCES ... 4. December 2018. Susan is taking an English course next summer. I'm staying with Susan this weekend. An arrangement is also an agreement between two people or groups about how something happens or will happen. Once you are done, click on the Check answers button and then on the Continue button. Are Jamie and his family flying to Toronto next week? 00. calendar. I created it for a group of Business English students, when we covered the topic of predictions. New York City [photo]. Este sitio puede ser reproducido con fines no lucrativos, siempre y cuando no se mutile, se cite la fuente completa y su dirección electrónica, de otra forma, se requiere permiso previo por escrito de la Institución. It consists of four exercises. definite and indefinite articles. Average: 3.9 (19 votes) Mon, 11/18/2013 - 06:53 — Chris McCarthy. ESL work reading comprehension - A passage about work so you can learn how to use the vocabulary about work. Tonight Tomorrow This weekend Next Monday, Friday, Saturday Next week Next weekend Next Year. Activities based on Greta Thunberg's speech at COP24, Katowice, Poland. It is a power point with only six screens. What are we having for dinner? I have created this worksheet to compare the basic use of all the twelve tenses. Retrieved on 2017, June 06 from http://bit.ly/2rQbnhF. Advanced Level: Future Continuous Tense. An arrangement is something that is done to prepare or plan for something in the future. Now you have to write correctly the statements that will be presented to you. Present Continuous for Future Plans por emilianarufo: Future tenses por LuciaSergnese: Future continuous and future perfect por sgrace9: Will & … It is a good way to practise and ... Dear colleagues, I offer you two variants of this test. No, + subject + verb TO BE. 04 ... count and noncount nouns. 03. materials for class. Oxford University Press. 01. introduction. Reading. Roselie. In this worksheet a busy teacher will find material to practice all future tense forms but future simple. Chicken soup and green salad. This is a fill out chart for tenses that have future meaning. It consists of three tasks. This is an activity for motivation for the lesson start. High quality reading comprehension worksheets for all ages and ability levels. Do you remember Joshua, Jamie's friend? As you see the present continuous tense serves to express the arrangements that are planned to do soon but not yet succeeded. Write a short paragraph expressing your plans. Retrieved on 2017, June 07 from http://bit.ly/2rQilTA. At first everyone is given ... A worksheet is designed to recycle all of the future tenses and ‘be going to’ – form. Remember this is a practice exercise, so you can do it as many times as you want. https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/grammar-practice/present-continuous-future-arrangements. Note: Do not forget! You can know your score at the end of the exercise. You will have to write for each day of travel three sentences: affirmative, negative and interrogative. Reading Activities for Grammar LessonsReading activity worksheets are specific grammar-based reading worksheets that are accompanied by True/False or comprehension questions. The exercise consists of two parts. It starts off with a reading section in which all the different future forms are in bold. I have adapted it, namely, the sentences on cards deal with the ways of expressing future. buscar en este sitio. You use the Present Continuous for plans as future arrangements. ©Todos los derechos reservados 2017. Once you are done click the Check answers button. They can be ideally used as a base context to teach forms and meanings of particular grammar concepts.What’s the purpose of reading activities?You can use reading comprehension worksheets in several ways. An arrangement is something that is done to prepare or plan for something in the future. This is a very simple worksheet for teaching or revising future forms: future simple and future continuous, at pre-intermediate level. First, you will unscramble the words to form correct sentences. According to the audio decide if the following statements are true or false by choosing the appropriate option. Got a great worksheet on Future Continuous? This worksheet covers exercises related to future continous, and future perfect tenses. It can be used as a game in class. View our latest knowledgebase articles that will help you become a better English teacher. Here's a short dialogue which includes many examples of future simple, going to and present continuous.It's designed to present the three tenses in a meaningful context to help students grasp the different future tenses. What are you doing on Saturday night? It has some pictures where a student can describe and write sentences. Goes out to 323,134 subscribers every Wednesday. There is a small selection of verbs to talk about things in the future that we have already planned. 1.Future continuous, 2. In each one you will be given the appropriate instructions. QW + verb TO BE + subject + verb –ing + time expression ? Now it is time to review what you have studied in this lesson about the use of the present continuous to talk about fixed plans and arrangements. WARM UP Show them a picture of how you see yourself when you are 70 and expl Check the rubric in order to include all the components you need to write your paragraph. The idea of the game is taken from the English Teaching Professional magazine, Issue 76 September 2011. This document is a short summary about ¨The Future¨. Here's the 6th poster from our 'Grammar' series. This is a speaking activity that might be used as a warm-up where students will have to discuss how men, women, computers, cars, clothes and houses look like in future. Once you finished your composition on a word processor, save it to your computer. tpsdave. This worksheet contains a brief explanation and two exercises. Pre-Intermediate. In the second exerci ... What will you be doing tomorrow at 9am? Create awesome-looking custom word searches in seconds! reading comprehension skills. • Schrampfer, B. English Practice Grammar. "To me, old age is always ten years older than I am" John Burroughs In this engaging lesson students will consolidate the use of future perfect and future perfect continuous through some engaging activities. The negative form is after verb TO BE. The first is starting with the verb TO BE and the second is using the Wh-questions. As you will realize you will use the present continuous to express plans or arrangements. A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about future, perfect, future perfect Do you want to know them? future and future continuous. It's time to practice your knowledge. In this worksheet you can practise with your students all the future forms that are used in English language (except future perfect and future perfect continuous). Print in b/w; or color for projectors or laminated prints.

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